TOP countries of origin

Size matters! Again...

Question – What are the top countries of destination of your locals? Ranking: “Top market” / “Second Market” / “Third Market” To provide a clearer understanding of the “countries of origin” the most quoted countries are listed.

Yet again, the largest countries are the most quoted as residential destinations, with the USA and the United Kingdom once again leading the ranking, as the most global countries in the residential market. Canada joins the club of countries that are chosen as top “origin” and, at the same time, top “destination” countries, but in a smaller scale. China emerges as the second most quoted country as country of “origin”, a true phenomenon of internalization is being felt across China, and the residential market also reflects this new reality. Other factors such as asset investment diversification and education for wealthy families may be explanatory factors. The Russian Federation is similar to China, it is a large and influential country where wealthy individuals and families become important clients in many different countries.