TOP countries of origin

Australia, Canada, England, Greece, Japan, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Portugal, Spain, Thailand, Venezuela, Cambodia, Taiwan, United States

China, the new superpower!

Question – What are the top countries of destination of your locals? Ranking: “Top market” / “Second Market” / “Third Market” To provide a clearer understanding of the “countries of origin” the most quoted countries are listed.

China appears as a leading country of origin for home buyers in different geographies. In Asia, Chinese citizens are quoted by Cambodia, Thailand and Papua New Guinea as the top tourists in the region. Japan, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand are also among the destinations chosen by Chinese buyers. But China is also of major importance in Europe, namely Portugal, Spain, the United Kingdom and Greece. For Portugal and Spain, the local Gold Visa programs are seen as key to attract Chinese home buyers, since they provide a European Passport to travel across the Schengen Area. The Chinese are spread out across the Americas, with the USA, Canada and Venezuela ranking China as a top country of origin.