TOP countries of origin

England, Germany, Greece, Israel, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, United States

Russians are top residential buyers

Question – What are the top countries of destination of your locals? Ranking: “Top market” / “Second Market” / “Third Market” To provide a clearer understanding of the “countries of origin” the most quoted countries are listed.

In many large economies, market liberalization led to the ascension of new multi-millionaires and more wealthy families, willing to buy a home abroad. This is the case with China, but also with Russia, which, over the last 10 years, became a country of origin for a variety of locations. Russians seem to be attracted by southern Europe, countries such as Spain, Greece and Turkey have referred to Russia as a top country of origin. Other tourism destinations, such as Thailand and Israel, mention Russia as a relevant market for their residential markets. In Europe, Germany and the United Kingdom also rank Russia as important. London seems to be a major destination for all the largest markets, including Russia!