TOP countries of origin

Australia, Cayman Islands, Germany, Greece, Israel, Jamaica, Malta, Portugal, Qatar, South Africa, Spain

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Question – What are the top countries of destination of your locals? Ranking: “Top market” / “Second Market” / “Third Market” To provide a clearer understanding of the “countries of origin” the most quoted countries are listed.

British families clearly prefer to buy homes either in sunny southern European countries, such as Spain, Portugal, Greece, and Malta, or in English-speaking destinations, such as South Africa, Australia, the Cayman Islands and Jamaica. Qatar also seems to be a destination of choice for British citizens, as well as Germany, in Europe. Tourists’ preference for sunny Europe is well known, and of course the decision to buy a home abroad is strongly linked to vacations. After enjoying a destination, the likelihood of buying a home increases, of course. This seems to be the case for different southern European countries. Cultural and linguistic links definitely seem to play a role in explaining the global flows of the residential market, and, once again, history repeats itself.