Prices for Luxury Homes

China ranks in top!

How much is one sq.m. of a luxury 4-bedroom apartment when measured in local labor hours. We converted US$ prices per sq.m. into labor hours. We researched the local GDP per capita and divided by annual labor hours. This reflects local purchasing power. For more details, see our Methodology.

In terms of luxury homes, New York beats London and takes the trophy as the most expensive destination. A spectacular total of 14,084 classic McDonald’s hamburgers to buy one single sq.m. of a luxury apartment in New York! This means that residential prices can triple from a standard home to a luxury one. London follows, on an English-speaking fight between the two leading mega-business metropolises.
Chinese and Russian cities follow close behind, supporting the idea of inflated cities based on wealthy local individuals. The other cities that follow are main capitals from major economies, such as Sidney, Tokyo or Paris.